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Landscaping Ideas: Cacti

by Colli Jennings Properties 10/17/2021

Cacti gardens can be a gorgeous addition to your home’s landscape. Much of the southwest United States’ climate is well-suited for growing them. If you’re interested in adding a cacti garden, these design tips will help you create one that’s stunning and complementary to the landscaping around your home.

Intersperse Low-Growing Cacti With Other Plants

Cacti complement more traditional plants in many ways. Consider interspersing low-growing cacti with shrubs and flowers. The result will be a garden that’s rich with different colors, textures and scents. A multi-plant cacti garden is a great option if you want to grow cacti but your existing landscape design includes many other kinds of plants. This type of design looks natural alongside a wide variety of home styles.

Make One Large Cactus a Focal Point

Plant a single, large cactus as a focal point within your landscaping. Surround the large cactus with smaller flowers, shrubs or other cacti. This approach works well if there’s one part of your yard that you want to draw attention to such as an outdoor fireplace, oversized window or elegant entryway.

Plant a Wall of Tall Cacti

For more of a hedge than a garden, large cacti can be planted in a row to create a wall. While not a full substitute for a fence, cacti can create a functional border or barrier with a more natural appearance. Organ pipe cacti, cow’s tongue cacti and blue candle cacti are excellent choices.

This is a great option if you want to establish a border but either can’t install a traditional fence or don’t want a fence to interfere with your existing landscaping. Consider planting a cacti wall near an existing fence to partially conceal it or add interest and color.

Surround Cacti with Stone or Gravel

Instead of surrounding your cacti with grass or mulch consider selecting stone or gravel instead. Hard materials like stone and gravel are more natural and require less maintenance than other options. Further, choosing stone or other hard material in varied colors can add subtle depth to your outdoor spaces.

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